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It’s more than development,

it’s your business!

We’re a small development agency,

with a BIG dream

The dream of seeing YOU succeed in your business with the help of our solutions. What kind of solutions? It does not matter as long it’s web related. Yes,  we have some specific technologies that we work with, but combined we are able to produce anything from presentational websites, online stores and even complex apps.

Services we provide

If it’s design, development or maintenance, we got you covered. Of course we don’t do everything. We’re not a jack of all trades. See the list below for details about we do exactly.

#1: Web Design

#2: Web development

#3: App development

#4: maintenance

Things we build

We know how to build 3 types of awesome things: Conversion focused online shops, attention grabbing presentational websites and last but not least, fast and functional web ( / mobile ) apps.

#1: Online Shops

I hope you already know that the number of an online shop’s sales is directly related to its speed. Your eCommerce platform should be really fast, and it should be very fluid. We know exactly what it takes to build a successful online shop, technically speaking. You only have to take care of administrating and marketing it. Let us handle the tech.

#2: Presentation websites

It doesn’t really matter what you sell today. It can be flowers, it can be bricks. It’s essensial to leave a very good first impression. The website is that first impression. You should take care and make it look awesome.
We build websites and quality is our focus. Your user’s experience is very important to us. We’ll craft you an awesome presentational package, which will help your business to grow at a constant pace.

 #3 Web and mobile apps:

We think the web is still the present and also the feature. In the near future, together with progressive web apps, the gap between web apps and native (iOS and Android) apps will be much smaller, but the web will still be the base for everything.
We can deliver to you the best possible experience regarding mobile and (especially) web apps. The reason for that is the fact that we are a small team, that can easily focus on learning and using the latest technology. We base all our products on React because we believe it has the potential to deliver the best experience for the web.

Our Work

You know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Here are a couple of pictures… I mean projects. A bit from every category.


Ioana needed to create a more professional image for her. We moved her blog from a free blogger subdomain to her private domain (ioanaesuper.com), based on WordPress.

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The owner decided to start an eCommerce business in Cyprus (but with the ability to sell everywhere in the world). He believed that he had an advantage so he had to try it.

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… this time, he [Daniel, the owner] though about creating a platform that helps the employees to manage clients better.

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A dentist’s website and the overall brand image should be immaculate. For this reason, the doctor approached us and asked for a custom page about his website.

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Don’t believe us for what we say we are capable of. Hear it from others. Here are a couple of testimonials for 8MD.

For someone with the same technical knowledge level as mine, even the simplest web design / development tasks represent a challange.

When I decided to move my own blog from Blogger to WordPress, from a free domain to my own personal domain (ioanaesuper.com), I knew that I couldn’t do it alone and I made the decision to contact some professionals. Not because I’m afraid of hard work, but because I’m a perfectionist and I wanted a pixel-perfect website.

Besides the fact that he did all the magic behind the scenes (moving the domain, transfer from a platform to another), Mihai listened to all my preferences, answered all my questions with calm and he taught me how to use the platform. Unlike others, Mihai and 8MD didn’t just went through this project just like any other, instead they were totally involved. I really appreciate the effort.


I recommend 8MD for being a professional team, but also for the end product that they created for me!


Blogger, ioanaesuper.com

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